Funny Trump t-shirt Design

Today we are going to design a funny trump t-shirt. Ok well Trump is everywhere these days. Just open CNN or any news channel and you will see him at his best. Lets have some fun and design a funny t-shirt.

Designing a Trump T-shirt is actually a real process that needs reflection and planning. We design every single T-shirt ourselves and we spend many hours drawing, redrawing and thinking about our next concepts.

So lets start by a basic idea. We all know what Trump said about pussies. Well… we have a t-shirt for that!

A pussy is actually a cat… so let’s start by getting a cute drawing of a cat.


I never said I was an artist 🙂 Ok that won’t be good enough for a T-shirt or a Mug.

Ok so lets start by opening photoshop. If you don’t have photoshop then I suggest you get it since you will get to use it often if you want to design T-shirts. Start by creating a 2000 pixels x 2000 pixels with a 300 resolution canvas.


then add a oval shape

Lets continue with the ears…

cat head trump cat shadow


Almost there

Cat smiling funny trump


So to finish it up… let’s add the Trump signature.

funny trump t-shirt

And the final touch for our funny t-shirt..

cat funny trump t-shirt

Let’s then make a T-shirt out of it by savng our image as a PNG file and adding it to any color t-shirt.












That’s it! You can start selling your T-shirts and have fun. We sold hundreds of our T-shirts and so can you!

Have fun designing Trump T-shirts whether you love him or not, our president is really a funny character.

Designing a funny Trump T-shirt is fun. If you want some attention, you can also buy one of our funny Tee’s and you will see how your friends react 🙂

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