Conway rips ‘dangerous’ leaks on Trump’s foreign leader calls

Top presidential adviser Kellyanne Conway on Thursday blasted what she called “dangerous” leaks that have revealed details from President Trump’s apparently tense conversations with world leaders, while denying that the information spilled from the White House.

“We’re the ones not leaking,” Conway, Trump’s counselor, told “Fox & Friends.”

Asked whether the leaks could have come from the State Department, where hundreds of officials have protested Trump’s recent order on immigration, she declined to speculate.

“It’s very unfortunate,” she said. “… It’s dangerous to have these leaks.”

The comments follow reports on presidential phone calls with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto.

In the former, The Washington Post reported that Trump fumed over a refugee deal with Australia cut under the Obama administration. He reportedly called the agreement the “worst deal ever” and accused Turnbull of looking to export “the next Boston bombers.”

Trump reportedly cut the call short and told Turnbull he’d spoken earlier to other leaders and their call was his “worst so far.”

One of those other calls was with Pena Nieto. According to The Associated Press, Trump told his Mexican counterpart he might send American troops to deal with “bad hombres down there” if Mexico’s military won’t act.

But an official told the AP on Thursday the remark was intended as “lighthearted” and referred to cooperation in battling drug cartels.

Conway told Fox News that some of the phone call details were “mischaracterized” by the media. She maintained Trump’s conversations have been “very respectful.”

She added, “Anybody who just discovered that President Donald J. Trump is a resolute, decisive man who doesn’t mince his words … is waking up, I think, out of a cave.”

Trump later referred to his phone calls in an appearance at the National Prayer Breakfast, urging people not to “worry about it.”

“We have to be tough,” Trump said, saying the world is under “serious threat.”

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